Top Selling Cosmetic Product Brands In India

Top Selling Cosmetic Product Brands In India

Lakme cosmetic products online:

Lakme is one of the most trusted brands in India over the generations now. People are using their products for quite a time now. Lakme was probably the first brand to launch a wide variety of face and skin care cosmetic products in India. They now also come up with the best products of high quality that are still being used by a lot of people.


If you love makeup then you might have heard of this brand. This international brand of the cosmetic brand was the first to set its foot in India. And they are still loved by the Indian people. It’s nail paints and a wide variety of lip shades are a favorite of many women. This could be the best cosmetic product brand if you are looking for quality products.

L’oreal cosmetic products:

L’oreal cosmetic products brand does not only make effective products for skin and face but also for hair. It is an international brand which is loved to the most extent by the Indian people. This is a glamorous brand which is even used by the fashion industry on a high scale.